Mobile Websites

One website for desktop and mobile or different variations for each device, we can provide this for you!

We’ll make sure your website is available to everyone on all devices by evaluating your needs and implementing one of these approaches:

Dedicated Mobile

If you like your existing site, or there are other reasons that you don’t wan’t to change it, then a dedicated mobile alternative in addition to your main site may be right for you.  A dedicated mobile version appears when the user on a mobile device is detected. The coding is created independently and in addition to that of the existing site resulting in having two completely different websites.  The advantage of this approach is that you don’t have to rebuild your entire website just to have mobile capability.  The drawback however is that you have to maintain two different sites.

Responsive Design

A responsive website is one that, with fluidity, responds and appears differently on various devices. Utilizing the “fluid grid layout” a responsive site will serve a relative layout across a wide variety of devices.  In other words, when the screen size changes, the content changes relatively to fill the screen space.  The advantage to this is that only one site is created and maintained and for smaller devices, smaller file sizes are delivered to the device.

Mobile First

Mobile first sites are generally best suited for sites that are being built from the ground up or sites that are going through a large scale re-design.  With a mobile first site, we start by building the most basic site for smaller devices then more features and detail will appear as larger devices are detected.  This forces us to prioritize and display first, the most important information your site has to offer.

Adaptive Design

An adaptive design is much like the responsive, however it does not utilize the fluid approach with regard to layout and images.   Although an adaptive site does scale to fit a specific range of screen sizes as does the responsive,  it differs in the sense that the responsive serves data tailored to each device, whereas adaptive serves one set of files to all devices and just changes the way it is displayed on each.  The advantage of an adaptive design is that it isn’t nearly as much work to develop as a responsive or mobile first.   The disadvantage is that the very large data and images would be delivered to mobile devices and because of lack of full fluidity, there may be issues with displaying correctly on custom screen sizes.

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